The outcome of the conference will be a book, consisting of thematically linked peer reviewed and re-worked articles from the conference. Thus, the ultimate outcome is not a classical compilation of conference papers but, rather, a coherent volume on the conference subject and themes. The aim is to publish the final versions of these materials with OUP (Oxford University Press). Additional publication options are also offered by the peer reviewed Review of Central and East European Law or Law in Eastern Europe (Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Boston) and Juridica International (University of Tartu, Estonia). Furthermore, we plan to disseminate all the working papers electronically via the university/conference website so as to afford contributors as much publicity and feedback as possible.


Guidelines for Authors:

The draft paper or outline of your main thesis and points, due on 1 May (see deadlines), should be approximately 3000 – 15000 words, Times New Roman 12-point font. At this stage the papers are meant for distribution to conference attendees for feedback and discussion, but also to help our translators provide the best quality translation.

We suggest authors follow the house style of any of the following publishers:

  1. Oxford University Press -
  2. Review of Central and East European Law or Law in Eastern Europe (Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Boston) -
  3. Juridica International (University of Tartu, Estonia) -

It needs to be emphasized that the final publications depend on peer reviews and acceptances by publishers. Possible change of publisher would require adjustments in style.


Important Deadlines

Please provide all submissions to the conference lead, Dr. Merilin Kiviorg ( by the following deadlines:

01 February 2016 -- the title and abstract of proposed contributions to the conference lead

14 February 2016 -- organizing committee decision on acceptance of the contributions to the conference

01 May 2016 -- draft paper or outline of main thesis and points to the conference lead (to support distribution to conference attendees for feedback and discussion)

01 November 2016 -- final revised, peer reviewed contributions to the editorial team